Lil Wayne Wants to Show He’s “Still Got It” With No Ceilings Mixtape

Footage of the making of Lil Wayne’s highly-anticipated mixtape, No Ceilings, has found its way to the Internet.

The behind-the-scenes trailer shows Lil Wayne shows the rapper freestyling in the booth, and an ending tag that reads: “Hip Hop Is Not Dead.” Young Money executive Mack Maine told the press that after the success of Wayne’s last album, The Carter 3, he wanted to show that he “still got it.” He also wanted to hop on other rappers beats that he liked.

In one scene of footage, Wayne raps, “I’m bad as luck/I’m already at the top/I’m bout to pull the ladder up/flow crazy, I need a bouncer/I’m hip hop’s announcer.”

Recently Lil Wayne pled guilty to felony weapons charges in New York after being informed he faced three and a half years behind bars for felony weapon possession.

The charges against the rapper stem from a 2007 incident in which his tour bus was pulled over by police following a show at Beacon Theatre, the rapper’s first headlining show in New York City. Authorities found a loaded .40 caliber semi-automatic pistol.

Wayne is reportedly expected to serve around eight months in prison. He is expected to be sentenced February 2010.

No Ceilings is will be released on Saturday (October 21). –Linda Hobbs

View the behind-the-scenes video below.