Michael Jackson Former Lawyer Sues the Legend’s Estate

Now that the ashes have settled, Michael Jackson’s former attorney is asking for $3 million for Jackson’s debts.

Sidney Lanier claims Jackson owes him lawyer fees for a 2005 case involving Jackson’s comrade Marc Schaffel. According to Lanier, Jackson got him caught up in “two years of expensive, stressful litigation and ridicule.” Lanier also states he wishes Jackson was still alive… so he can apologize to him for not paying up.

“Because of his tragic death that can never happen,” Lanier says. He’s now going after Jackson’s estate, which is handled by John Branca and John McClain, for the money.

At this point, Jackson’s estate administrators are no strangers to lawsuits. Early this month, the two filed a lawsuit against the Heal the World Foundation for their allegedly using Michael Jackson’s name and likeness without permission, as well as cybersquatting and trademark infringement.

Branca and McClain have not publicly responded to Lanier’s claims. –Linda Hobbs