Michael Jackson was Going to Sell Neverland Ranch

Following Michael Jackson’s This Is It tour, he was in negotiations to sell the Neverland Ranch.

According to TMZ, Jackson was planning to buy a $38 million, 18,020 square foot mansion in Bel Air. The property was decked out with five bedrooms and 16.5 bathrooms. When Jackson first saw the property in 2001, he reportedly couldn’t afford it. His kids reportedly begged him to buy, and Jackson entered into negations for it. He was also reportedly planning to create a new Neverland Ranch on the property.

Jackson created Neverland Ranch in 1988, named for the fantasy land of animated character Peter Pan. Jackson’s family was allegedly planning to bury the singer at the Ranch, but the idea was told it was unlawful to do so. Jackson’s film This Is It hits theaters today. –Linda Hobbs