Michael Jackson’s Estate Tells Phony Charities to ‘Beat it’ With Lawsuit

The Jackson family is all about healing the world, so long as it doesn’t mess with Michael.

On Tuesday, Jackson’s estate holders filed a lawsuit against the Heal the World Foundation for their allegedly using Michael Jackson’s name and likeness without permission, as well as cybersquatting and trademark infringement.

The plot thickens as it pertains to the foundation allegedly using Jackson’s name. Apparently, they’ve been doing it to get fans’ donations for what appears to be a Jackson-related cause, but isn’t.

The suit was filed in a Los Angeles court, where the estate holders accused the well-known foundation of trying “to cause confusion, mistake and to deceive.”

The Heal the World Foundation that’s being sued, shouldn’t be confused with the one Jackson started, after the release of his hit song of the same name. Jackson’s Heal the World Foundation, founded in 1992, ceased to exist after his death. –Linda Hobbs