Police Reveal Slain NFL QB Steve McNair’s Possible Mistress

In a report released this week, police released the name of slain former NFL quarterback Steve McNair’s possible other lover, who was most likely followed by his mistress, Sahel Kazemi in the weeks before his death.

It’s been revealed that McNair’s death was a murder-suicide by Kazemi, who killed the QB and then shot herself. Her roommate says she’s knew about his possible second lover, Leah Ignagni.

According to a CBS report, Kazemi’s roommate, Emily Andrews, told her that [Kazemi] found a tampon in the bathroom wastebasket in the Lea Avenue condo, and on another occasion, saw a female leaving the condo.

However, police are not saying that the relationship played a role in the murder. But, authorities did say in the past that they believed Kazemi killed McNair and herself because of stress, money worries, and jealousy.

The report also detailed McNair’s final days through text messages. Starting on July 3, Kazemi was texting McNair about how stressed she was and how she needed $2,000 to pay some bills. McNair confirmed to Kazemi that he transferred the money to her account.

Later that night, McNair texted Kazemi that after his kids went to sleep, he would head over to the condo they shared. At 12:52 a.m., McNair’s last text message was “No, open the front door,” and Kazemi responded at 1:14 a.m., “It’s open.”

Their bodies were found in the afternoon on July 4th.

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