A Short (G.O.O.D.) Convo With… Consequence

Consequence talks with VIBE about his boob-tube-themed sophomore disc Cons TV, being the Father’s Day of rap, and Kanye West’s next album.

VIBE:  Your upcoming album was originally called You Win Some, You Lose Some; now it’s Cons TV. Has the actual record changed, too?

Consequence: It’s a completely different direction, and not just because Q-Tip and Kanye did all the production. [The records] are more thematic. They’re like their own TV shows and the packaging and everything around that will reflect it… The album goes from noon to midnight, every spectrum of television. Songs like “When You Find a Girl You Love” is like your soap opera. “On My Own” with Kid Cudi is like the A&E inspirational joint or the PBS self-reflective joint. “All Up On Me” is the horror show. Cons TV is an album-slash-network. People will really enjoy it. It’s slightly incredible.


How is the production split?

‘Ye did nine joints, Tip did four. And it’s really good. [Laughs] When it comes out, I’m going to be sad in a way, because I don’t even know if I’m ever going to get it this good again. I’m just in a space where the raps are crazy, the music is crazy. I’m not a boo-hoo motherfucker, but it almost makes me want to cry, man.


But you’ve been in this business since 1993, reinventing yourself. What’s your key to staying power?

Perseverance. I enjoy what I do. It’s a roller coaster: You have to brace yourself for when it goes up and when it goes down. It’s not for a person who breaks easily, ’cause you’ll shit your pants in a roller coaster. But that rush is so fulfilling when you get off. It’s the same thrill I get from the music business. And it doesn’t seem to have aged me. I’m easily classifiable in the graduating class [of] Rampage, Craig Mack–but I don’t wear it like that. But for somebody that’s just getting into Hip-Hop, [they could say] “Oh, Consequence is in the same category as Talib Kweli and Mos Def.” And for some people it might even be Wale and [Kid] Cudi.


Cudi compared the G.O.O.D. team to the ’90s Chicago Bulls teams. You agree?

I wouldn’t it to sports. I’d compare it to Ocean’s 11. We’re all here for this big-ass robbery and we all do a specific thing. Brad Pitt and Don Cheadle didn’t do the same thing. Everybody had their own position and did it to the T so that we could all take $20,000,000.


Who was the G.O.O.D. deal for originally? Kanye was already signed to Roc-a-Fella at Def Jam.

When G.O.O.D. went to Sony, that deal was for me and GLC, ’cause we were the dudes that held it down with ‘Ye.  It was never me as a weed carrier. I humbled myself to have motherfuckers thinking I was a sidekick, like I’m brand new! I love ‘Ye to death. That’s my brother, as close to not being blood to blood. But I’m still a man with an ego. How am I somebody’s protégé? When that man met me, I was Consequence! [Laughs] But individual sacrifices have to be made to attain greater goals. One of us blew, so we’re all going to be alright.

“Spaceship,” your guest appearance on Kanye’s The College Dropout is still a fan favorite five years later. Did you have any idea it’d make such an impact?

I would’ve never have thought that in ’09, people would say that “Spaceship” was one of the most classic records in the history of rap. That was just the reward of struggle. I’m a punchline rapper by nature, but “Spaceship” had nothing to do with punchlines. It was just life. And it worked.


Is Kanye releasing an album this year?

It won’t be this year–this year is almost over. But I’ve heard a couple of new joints he’s got. I know because of the [VMA] situation, he was talking about taking a chill. But even before everything jumped off, he was really talking [about wanting] to take his time with his next record.


What about Common? Is he dropping an album any time soon?

I’m not sure. I think he has a film coming soon. He’s making like $5-$10 million a film right now. [Laughs] I’m pretty sure he’s having fun doing that. He’s rolling.


You get plenty of respect from your peers, but not much acknowledgement from the media and such. Do you feel like an underdog? 

If I had a choice between Top 10 accolades and money, I’d choose money. A Top 10 list is somebody’s opinion. I know what I’ve contributed to the game. I’m like Father’s Day–it sucks. A lot of other rappers are like Mother’s Day. Mothers get everything. I get a tie, but [they’ll say] “I love you, Dad.” Maybe with Cons TV, I’ll get to have Mother’s Day. -Brad Wete

Consequence, cousin of Q-Tip, was an honorary member of A Tribe Called Quest before rocking with one of the few true-to-its-name labels. Now heading his own Band Camp imprint with Rik Cordero, the 32-year-old Queens rapper will drop his second solo album, Cons TV, sometime before the ball drops on New Years Eve 2009.