Soulja Boy Arrested After Running From Police

Soulja Boy Tell ‘Em was arrested on Wednesday (October 7) in Atlanta, after fleeing police on set of a music video.

According to Henry County Police, they received complaints about a group of kids hanging around a home in Stockbridge, 20 miles south of Atlanta, which appeared to be abandoned.

When the police arrived, half of the 40 people–one of them being Soulja Boy–who were filming there fled on foot, despite being ordered to stop by authorities.

The rapper, born DeAndre Cortez Way, later returned to retrieve his car, but ran into police.

Despite telling the officers that he and the group were shooting a video, Soulja Boy was arrested and charged with obstruction for fleeing the scene. He was released on $550 bond on Thursday (October 8).

“He just ran from the police, and then he decided to come back,” said Henry County Police Capt. Jason Bolton.

A second man who also returned for his vehicle was arrested after police found eight $100 counterfeit bills inside.