Soulja Boy Proves His Worth With New Video

After reports of Soulja Boy’s possible eviction from his plush Los Angeles apartment, the young rapper has chosen to the explain to the world he’s not broke: By shooting a video of his jewelry. Wednesday (October 14), Soulja Boy got a friend to videotape his sparkly collection of jewels and $100 bills. The video is supposedly directed at TMZ, who first broke the story of his rent woes. Soulja Boy’s landlord in California recently chased him down for violating his lease terms and having unpaid rent on his luxury apartment. TMZ obtained the angry landlord’s letter, which was sent out last month. “We have received complaints of noise disturbances and guests wandering the hallway and Observation Deck. This is a direct violation of your Lease Agreement,” the letter stated. “Additionally, we were notified that you had over 10 cars parked in guest parking on the evening of September 25th. This is a violation of your lease … which states, ‘You may have no more than two overnight guests at a time unless we provide specific approval.” Soulja Boy allegedly owes about $9,376.10 in back rent. Last week he was arrested after running from cops after shooting a video in an abandoned house in Georgia. He was released Thursday on $550 bond. –Linda Hobbs

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