Stage Presence: Pleasure P Reviews R. Kelly

Missing R. Kelly’s “Ladies Make Some Noise” tour? Don’t trip. Show-starter Pleasure P dissects Kellz’s concert performance in his own words

A lot of R&B guys, they disrespectful when it comes to R. Kelly, but I can’t take nothing from him because he wrote so many hits, man. He got so many hits. For crying out loud, he wrote “I Believe I Can Fly.” He wrote Michael Jackson’s “You Are Not Alone.” And his show is good from top to bottom.

When he comes out onstage, it’s a red carpet and these winners on the stage, and he’s coming through the VIP, like he’s coming through the club and stuff. It’s kind of like a movie. The background would change. One minute you see the band and the next minute, you won’t, you just see a screen.

Every night, for some reason, a girl would throw her panties onstage at him. When they do, he’d go behind this curtain and change, and take off his [underwear] and throw it back at her. It’s kind of funny. The ladies are always going crazy; they’re always making noise. And [while] everybody is just having a good time, they’re all reminiscing on those points in their life with those hits.

And during the show, he’ll do funny stuff like sing about anything. So if he trips on the carpet three times, he’ll sing about it. He’d sing, I done tripped on the carpet, three damn times! One of my favorite parts of the show is where he rolls this Michael Jackson footage, where Michael Jackson is dancing to “Ignition.” He’d also do a tribute to his mother, with Sam Cooke’s “A Change Is Gonna Come.”

When he sings “Step In The Name of Love”/ “Happy People,” the crowd would be stepping [in the aisles]. They’d have confetti come out the sky. I’ve learned a lot from him, just watching how comfortable he is out there. He hasn’t given me any advice yet, but the tour just started. We got a long way to go. –As Told To Linda Hobbs