T-Pain Angers South African Artists

According to the South Africans entertainment scene, T-Pain needs an attitude adjustment.

The Auto-Tune king was blasted in the South African newspaper, Sunday World, for allegedly getting his Kanye West on backstage at a show. According to the paper, Pain kicked local African acts out of his backstage area because he didn’t want to share his space. The performer than banned a media member from videotaping his show.

“I want to thank Macufe organizers for allowing me to perform there, but what happened to me was unacceptable,” local African artist Thembi Seete told the paper. “I wasn’t allowed to stand next to the stage when T-Pain was performing. It is sad that these U.S. artists think they are all that and [can] treat local artists the way they treated us.”

The headline for Pain’s reported behavior was “T-Pain in the ass for local musos.” The Festival organizer Joe Chakela claims the accusations are false.

“The policy was that artists who had finished performing must not go on stage or near it to watch T-Pain perform,” he said. “People must not come with their own stories. Nobody was manhandled or chased away from the stage.” –Linda Hobbs

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