Tyra Grills Lil Mama About VMA Stage Crash

After humiliating herself at the MTV Video Music Awards, Lil Mama says she plans to work with Jay-Z and Alicia Keys in the future. The rapper went on The Tyra Banks Show Wednesday (October 8) to further explain her emotional stage-crash gone wrong. When Tyra asked, “What the hell were you thinking?” Mama defended herself by saying, “I don’t think it was as serious as everyone is making it out to be.” As in several of her past interviews about the incident, the New York native says she felt like she “was being embraced” during the Jay-Z and Alicia Keys performance of “Empire State of Mind.” “Didn’t he tap your leg though, like, get back?” Tyra asked. Lil Mama says she never felt it. “I actually saw the tap tap later and I was embarrassed, I was like ‘Whoa, Jay-Z.'” Speaking with Angie Martinez on Hot 97, Jay-Z likened the stage hop to Kanye’s interruption of Taylor Swift’s award acceptance the same night. Alicia Keys also addressed the situation a day after the VMA’s on The Today Show. “I can appreciate her being overwhelmed and inspired but we would have preferred she did it from her seat,” Keys said. Mama says she’s had her management reach out to Jay-Z and she apologized on-air to Alicia. “I would like to speak to Jay-Z one-on-one, just to see how he felt. I would just love to apologize,” she said. “You can tell [Alicia] that I apologize and I definitely plan to work with both of them in the future and I hope this didn’t rock the boat.” –Linda Hobbs