Usher and Tameka Love the Kids… and Battle Over Them

Hours after news broke of there being not just one but two phone calls to police from Usher, reports reveal the “Papers” singer and his soon to be ex-wife Tameka Raymond had been battling over their two children in September.

In a report uncovered by TMZ, Usher and Tameka had a “verbal argument” on September 10. Said to be arguing over his weekend custody of the two boys, Usher reportedly took them to his mother’s house and returned home to an upset Tameka, who at that point demanded to take the boys.

In his statement to Johns Creek Police, Usher says Tameka Raymond left his home eventually, but showed up at his mother’s home shortly after, where he was present. Claiming to ignore Tameka’s door knocks and making several phone calls to the residence, Usher told police he then made a 911 call.

TMZ reports, “Usher called police again (the next day) after he noticed several scratches on his truck–Usher told cops he believed Tameka vandalized the car in retaliation for their fight just hours before.”

Officials found no evidence to support Usher’s claim that Tameka had scratched the vehicle.

News of the duo’s alleged run-in with authorities follows a headline-ridden week for both. For Usher, the release of the single “Papers” raised eyebrows due to its portrayal of his ill-fated marriage while his wife, while Tameka Foster Raymond took her frustrations out on Global Grind. Penning a blog that took a hard look at how celebrities, particularly recording artists, attempt to maintain notoriety, Foster Raymond called artists who seek attention by any means necessary “thirsty”.

Usher and Foster-Raymond tied the knot in 2007. Their relationship has long been tabloid and blog fodder due to relations with both the public and Usher’s family, including his mother and manager.

Usher is due to release a new album titled Raymond Vs. Raymond in December.