V Style: Bambú Rolls Out Apparel Line

For most, the name Bambú evokes the distinct aroma of burning skunk and continuous Bob Marley spins. The 250-and-change-year-old brand best known for its rolling papers with that tanned Spaniard happily dangling a cigarette from his mouth has ventured into another, less smokable arena.

Paying homage to the company’s long and rich history, Bambú is rolling out a line of vintage-inspired sportswear apparel for Holiday 2009. The collection features authentic artwork dating back to the company’s origins in 1764, in art deco styles. Heavy on slouchy t-shirts in soft cotton with an array of throwback graphics, there are also a few hoodies and cardigans thrown in as well.

Says Sarah Saiger, founder of Bambu Apparel: “We spent years searching eBay and other websites collecting old postcards, advertisements and other Bambu products. With the help of MerchDirect we’ve translated our history into a tangible, wearable product that we feel embodies our company.” –Adrien Field

bambu 2.png

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