V Style: Junya Watanbe Covers Up With New Collection

If you’re too focused on the towering Erykah Badu-meets-Star Wars head wraps, you might miss the intricacies of Junya Watanbe’s Spring/Summer 2010 collection. But look past the eyebrow-less models and the clothes strike a surprising tone of restraint and wearability in a season hallmarked by exposed bras and body-baring sheer fabrics.

If anything, Watanabe’s collection is the diametric opposite of the barely-there trend, featuring long, checkerboard patterned frocks over leggings and stumble-safe flat shoes. Tailoring is another dominant theme–Hillary Clinton could seamlessly slide these sculpted pantsuits into her wardrobe to make an impression on her next Japan visit.

Much is said about the state of fashion when a show stands out more by covering girls up than letting it all hang out. Rihanna wouldn’t know what to do with herself. –Adrien Field