V Style: In the Moods of Norway

Norway may not be at the top of your Spring Break destination list, but thanks to three designers behind the rapidly expanding label Moods of Norway, the land of the Vikings is getting some international attention.

A full apparel and accessories line, the seven-year-old brand has a unique mix of urban influence and Scandinavian quirkiness that’s catching on in the U.S.–enough so for Moods to open a flagship shop in Los Angeles last summer.

Each item in the collection features a quirky detail about Norwegian heritage (a jacket cuff is embroidered with the number of registered tractors in Norway). According to the tags, the clothes are “Made in Europe by really really pretty blond girls.”

One of the label’s strong suits is its street-hip footwear, emblazoned with the Moods of Norway tractor logo. Offering both men and woman’s styles, the shoes range from slip-ons to high tops in with Norwegian flag tones.

The stylish brand won’t convince you to dump your Miami break plans for Europe, but at least it’ll help you stay fly while watching girls go wild. Preferably really really pretty ones. –Adrien Field