V Style: Original Penguin Spring/Summer 2010

Original Penguin made a name for itself back in the ’50s, when Frank Sinatra, Clint Eastwood and even Richard Nixon were all spotted with the bird on their breast pocket. Cut to 2009 and the wobbling logo has migrated to the streets.

For Spring 2010, new creative director Ann Payne–whose past stints include four years at Sean John–took the line in a new direction. Wide striped polo shirts and short sleeved button ups in checkered patterns gave a distinctly urban feel while hints of a preppy hipster André 3000 could be seen in the sweater vests and straw hats.

Asked to describe the new collection, Payne said, “It’s still very traditional but it’s got a little bit of a twist.” The twist came in on pieces like a button-up shirt that doubled as a light jacket with a hood and lace ups with bright color accents.

Also included in the collection were scarves, bow ties and leather bags–all street-and-Sinatra approved. –Adrien Field