V Style: Woodstock and Foxy Brown at Louis Vuitton Spring 2010 Show

If the Louis Vuitton Spring show was any indication, the Afro is back and bigger than ever.

Yesterday’s (October 7) Paris show was virtually a bohemian parade, with models strutting down the runway looking like multicolored clones of Pam Grier as Foxy Brown.

As for the threads, the ready-to-wear collection summed up the Swinging ’60s, offering a full and competing spectrum from the libertine hippie to buttoned-up, aggressive looks. The former came through in the fringed ombre denim jackets, free-flowing BoHo frocks and psychedelic prints straight from the wild-child Woodstock days. The later was apparent in the military-inspired cargo pockets accenting jackets and skirts, even turning the staid tweed coat into a political statement with its olive epaulettes and breast pockets that recall a society matron drinking tea in the middle of Hanoi.

Yes, leave it to Marc Jacobs to cover an entire decade of tumult in a fifteen-minute fashion show. –Adrien Field