Artists React to Gucci Mane Jail Sentencing

Many were shocked to find out yesterday about Gucci Mane heading back to prison, but none were as shocked as Gucci’s fellow Atlanta natives Zaytoven and Shawty Lo.

Gucci, born Radric Davis, was sentenced to 12 months in prison Thursday for violating his probation. On certain conditions, he is expected to possibly serve a lesser sentence. The rapper was just released out of prison in March after serving a year for failing to complete his full court-ordered community service obligations.

Zaytoven, who’s mostly known for his production work with Gucci, is plotting ways to pick up the pieces now that his comrade is headed back to the slammer.

“Gucci is like my go-to guy in music,” he told VIBE last night. “So I will do my best to hold it down while he is gone.”

Shawty Lo, who’s collaborated on songs like “Trap Money” with Gucci, empathize with many fans who saw the jail sentence as a major blow to Gucci’s rising career.

“I hate this happened period, but especially when he is really doing his thing right now,” he told VIBE. “I pray Gucci will be back sooner and back on top.”

Gucci was arrested for aggravated assault in 2005 and sentenced to six months in prison after a scuffle with a nightclub promoter. After serving his time, he was given 600 hours of community service and probation.

By 2008, a judge in Atlanta discovered that according to documents, he’d only completed 25 hours.

Speaking on his previous jail time, Gucci told VIBE’s Chris Yuscavage, “Being off my grind at that particular time was one of the hardest things I ever had to do,” he said in VIBE’s August issue. “But it was also really a blessing.”

The rapper’s new album The State vs. Radric Davis, is set to be released Dec. 8. –Linda Hobbs