Audience Walks Out on Tracy Morgan Comedy Show

Comedian Tracy Morgan had to learn the hard way that cracking jokes about the Obamas, and talking about feces doesn’t always win over a crowd.

Morgan performed in the New York Comedy Festival at Carnegie Hall on Friday, and according to the New York Daily News around thirty audience members, turned off by his jokes, got up and left. Amongst the ones who stayed, were Spike Lee and John Singleton, who apparently gave Morgan a standing ovation.

“You want the clean Tracy? Turn on the TV,” Morgan blurt while watching the crowd grow thinner.

During his set, Morgan let loose on President Barack and First-Lady Michelle Obama. “Obama is really changing the White House,” Morgan said, “because he and Michelle will have the first presidential sex tape out. Barack probably had Michelle in the window doggy-style.”

Morgan then proceeded to give sex advice. “You gotta stick your tongue in her fucking butthole,” he advised. “It’s give and take. If she gagging, you got to toss the salad.”

Morgan stars in the NBC comedy 30 Rock. In October, he released a memoir titled I Am the New Black. –Linda Hobbs

Photo Credit: Getty Images