The Fat Boys Launch “Old School Sexy” Style Clothing Line, Ask Fans For Designs

Popular ’80s trio, The Fat Boys, are gearing up for the release of a new clothing line.

“With our clothing line hitting Hot Topics and Urban Outfitters just in time for the holidays, we’re real excited to be back, and of course, this merchandise line is old-school sexy,” Prince Markie Dee said.

In support of the new line, The Fat Boys have created a website, via, that allows fans to vote on potential designs.

Participants are entered to win prizes, including iPods and Virgin Mobile phones.

“These shirts are tight,” said Kool Rock-Ski, another founding member of the group. “And I don’t mean tight ’cause we fat. This joint is off the hook. We got the original shirts from our world tours in the ’80s and some fresh new styles. We got so many styles we need help picking which ones to go with.”

According to a report from, the Fat Boys are set to perform a special reunion show at the famous Fox Theater in Detroit in the near future. It will be the first time the group has performed in over 20 years.