Game Recognizes Game: Iverson + LeBron + Shaq = NBA Championship?

Might Allen Iverson ultimately be the answer to the riddle of what ails Shaq and LeBron on the banks of Lake Erie?

With the Cavs off to a disappointing 4-3 start, and A.I.’s don’t call it a comeback tour off to less than rousing reviews down in Memphis, the likelihood and necessity for such a collaboration seems to grow more by leaps and bounds each day.

Consider that over the season’s first month, the Cavs are averaging just 94 points per game, a total back in the day that A.I. seemed to amass all by his lonesome. Granted, Iverson isn’t the same baller he was when he, more or less, singlehandedly strong-armed Philly into the 2001 NBA Finals. But understand that the Cavs aren’t even the same squad they were just six months ago.

Sense the symmetry here? The mutual make-me-whole-again, mano-a-mano admiration? If Cleveland is to ever to appease The King enough to keep him local, this is the moment to seize. And if The Answer ever wants to lay claim to perhaps his final measure of NBA royalty, this too may be his last best chance.

It makes for a win-win situation. –Glenn Minnis

Photo Credit: Getty Images