Game Recognizes Game: The Perfect Salute

Now that’s G. Crossover appeal at a whole other level.

As the Yankees accepted keys to the city in recognition of their record 27th world championship before throes of adoringly mesmerized supporters this week, New York Mayor Mike Bloomberg eagerly stepped to the podium to pronounce the Bombers the planet’s unabashed greatest. And as a testament to those lyrics, that indisputable standing, he offered the sentiments of…. Jay-Z.

Yes, it’s never been more platinized that the Jigga Man and what he invariably stands for has unquestionably arrived. So much so that he was empowered enough to perform his signature N.Y. anthem “Empire State of Mind” virtually solo, or at the very least sans collaborator Alicia Keys.

The Yanks graciously basked in their newfound limelight as they breezed past their Canyon of Heroes parade, but it was clear Jay offered up equal parts star power for the demo. One by one… Jeter, A-Rod and CC, all came to regale in the vibe of the people. And in the end, Jigga capped the performance.

Go ahead and take a bow, a standing ovation. All of you. –Glenn Minnis

Watch the video of Jay-Z’s performance at the Yankees celebration below

Photo Credit: Getty Images