Game Recognizes Game: Ron Artest Gets Stripped… Literally

By Ron Artest, or even L.A. standards, the mercurial Lakers star forward latest antics seem a bit extreme.

Artest showed for his Jimmy Kimmel Live show appearance this week dressed in a way that would make even Beyoncé or Lil Kim blush. “I was running late,” said Artest, in explaining why he appeared live wearing nothing but his boxers.

In addition to such a show stopper, throughout the night Kimmel revealed such interesting nuggets as Artest majored in math while in school and computes his unorthodox uniform numbers based on an ode to Michael Jackson, introduced Lamar to Khloe and harbors aspirations of one day being a pro boxer.

And as if none of that wasn’t attention grabbing enough, Artest had Kimmel’s name chiseled into the back of his dome, earnestly begging the question of if the triangle of Artest, L.A. and NBA championship truly could ever go hand and hand.

Hey Kobe, Phil, good luck with that, alright. –Glenn Minnis