Harvard Gets Wired

Apparently, Harvard University is a huge fan of the hit HBO drama, The Wire-so much so they’ve turned it into a course.

Taught by sociology professor William J. Wilson, the class will focus on poverty in America and urban issues in Baltimore. Stars of the show came to the university Thursday night for a panel discussion about the hit drama and the implications surrounding it’s grittiness.

The event, sponsored by the Harvard’s African American Studies Department and two local charities, the Boston Foundation and the Ella J. Baker House, was sold-out.

“Everything we’re doing to make the world a better place is really for our kids,” actor Michael K. Williams, who portrayed Omar Little on the show, says. “Our kids are dying in huge numbers. It’s the real wire.”

Based in Baltimore, Maryland, The Wire was created by the former police reporter David Simon. It aired from 2002 to 2008.

The yet-to-be-titled course is set to start in 2010. -Linda Hobbs