Harvard Lawyers Have C-Murder’s Back In Murder Conviction Appeal

New Orleans rapper C-Murder has been battling a murder charge since earlier this decade, but that battle ended in August when he was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole.

The rapper (real name: Corey Miller) is attempting to appeal the decision. The only problem is that the legal fees have depleted his bank account and can no longer afford his own lawyer, but two individuals are coming to his aide.

According to reports, two Harvard lawyers has signed on to represent C-Murder, declaring him indigent so that he may make his appeal and access court records at no cost.

The cost for the case records is $20,702, which Miller is unable to pay. A hearing has been set for December 10th.

C-Murder was convicted of the 2002 shooting of 16-year-old Steve Thomas, which took place at a now-closed nightclub in Harvey, Louisiana.

He also faces a civil suit for Thomas’ death.

“Right now, C-Murder is a victim of a crime himself,” says C-Murder’s brother, hip-hop entrepreneur Master P. “He’s innocent on this case, but because of his name, image and past, that’s given them the right to take him away off the streets. It’s a sad case all around.”