Joe Budden Chimes in on Beanie Sigel and Jay-Z Differences

Seems like 50 Cent isn’t the only rapper with an opinion regarding the Jay-Z / Beanie Sigel dispute. Joe Budden has come forth to defend Jay.

On Friday, Beanie Sigel released a diss track called “What You Talkin Bout (Average Cat).” The song was reportedly directed at Jay-Z, but on Friday, Sigel called Philadelphia’s 100.3 FM and claims the song is “not really dissing Jay… it’s an emotional record for me,” he explained, adding that he felt slighted by some of Jay’s lines in the Blueprint 3.

“Why didn’t he come at him before, is what I want to know,” Budden says in a recently released video. “That shit is weak.” -Linda Hobbs

Watch below: