Joe Budden & Fabolous Twitter Beef Over Somaya Reece


If you haven’t heard already, rapper Joe Budden and the voluptuous Tahiry are through. They actually broke up months ago. Today, Joey has moved on, flaunting a new girl in his infamous video clips.

The rapper has hooked up with Internet model Somaya Reece, who recently helped start a little Twitter tiff between Joe and Fabolous last week, after she made a comment about Fab during one of Joe’s live video stream sessions.

“Tila’s vag is what made Fab’s teeth the condition they’re in,” Somaya said during a webcast, which was later posted to WorldStarHipHop.

“That’s why you don’t need no more Twitter followers, you are a f***in’ trouble maker,” Joe said in response.

After hearing the comments, Fabolous took to his Twitter page (@MyFabolousLife) to respond, calling Joe’s new girl the “rebound chick,” following Joe’s break-up with Tahiry, and then started in with the insults .

“Time to expose this second chick Somaya Reece … so she know not throw peoples names out without knowing the consequences,” Fabolous tweeted, followed by “Did this rebound chick jus make a joke about my teeth?? Somaya Reece keep my name outta Tahiry’s vagina, I mean ur mouth! Pow!”

Then, to take it a step further, Fabolous created a trending topic labeled “#SomayaReeceIs”, where he went on a rampage, dropping numerous insults about Somaya being Joe’s second choice.

Here’s a few of them:

- #SomayaReeceIs Tahiry, but the sequel
– #SomayaReeceIs a Plan B bitch!
– #SomayaReeceIs a stuntman 4 Joe Budden’s real girlfriend
– It football is like relationships, #SomayaReeceIs 2nd down
– #SomayaReeceIs a 2nd round draft pick
– #SomayaReeceIs the sophomore jinx

Joe Budden didn’t like Fab’s attack on his new girlfriend, so he came to the rescue, posting a video clip defending his new lady. In regular Joe Budden fashion, he nonchalantly brushed off beef, while calling Fabolous “immature” and “stupid.”

“Somaya didn’t ask to be recorded, and the sh** she was saying was a joke … I thought that whole sh** was really wack, really immature, was really stupid. Sh** made me really look at n****s in a different light. But, it put me in a real awkward position …”

“That was some sucker sh**, and it put me in an awkward spot. …I may feel like he went a little too far, as far as them jokes went. Some of them jokes really wasn’t funny to me,” he continued.

Fab heard about it, or watched the video, and tweeted in respond again… this time, telling Joe to watch his step.

“Ok, here’s some sucka sh** for ya, Beanie and Mike Knox — Buddens betta watch his mouth bout Philly n****s. “Joe Budden — my bad,” he wrote.

Buddens then jumped on Twitter to challenge Fabolous, saying that if he has something to say, put it in a rap song.

“If your a rapper and got a problem with me, rap about it or stfu,” Joe tweeted (@MouseBudden). “I’m not with the Twitter beefin’, put a voice behind them bars.”