Katt Williams Arrested in Georgia

Comedian Katt Williams was arrested Sunday on charges of burglary and criminal trespass after allegedly breaking into a home in Georgia.

According to AP, police were called to a suburban residence after a homeowner in Newnan reported their house being broken into and stolen jewelry. Williams is seen smiling in the mugshot photo taken after his arrest.

The comedian is no stranger to trouble. In January, a man slapped him after the comedian cracked jokes about him while performing at a club in Detroit. The incident occurred the same night Williams called out fellow comedian Steve Harvey.

“I’d do it again if he say something like that,” the man who hit Williams exclusively told VIBE. “And if I meet him, and he don’t do nothing like that, he on some old friendly buddy-buddy shit, I’m buddy-buddy too. I don’t have no problem.”

In November 2008, Williams was placed under medical care at an undisclosed hospital in Sumter, South Carolina after attempting to check into a motel wearing a bathrobe. That same month he and 10 other people in his crew were arrested for weapons possession in New York after cops found three guns in the comedian’s Cadillac Escalade and Mercedes bus.

“I’m not moving at my usual pace,” Williams told the audience at Carnegie Hall that night after posting bail. “I just got out of jail 35 minutes ago.”

Williams, who is in police custody, is set to have his bond set this afternoon. –Linda Hobbs