Katt Williams Speaks on Burglary Charges

Katt Williams has now surfaced to explain his side of the burglary story.

According to CNN, Williams was released from the Coweta County, Georgia, jail on $40,000 bail Monday night after allegedly breaking into a rural Georgia home owned by record mogul and Aaliyah’s uncle Barry Hankerson. Williams reportedly used a crowbar to get in.

Williams recently granted an interview to Rasha Entertainment going over details of what really happened the day of the robbery.

“If you don’t steal when you’re starving? If you don’t steal a Snicker bar when you’re starving you certainly don’t steal $3,500 worth of jewelry while you’re wearing $250,000 worth of jewelry. They misunderstood,” Williams said calmly, while seated on a cream leather couch with dark shades on. “They thought that I was an average, typical Negro. I am no such of thing. I don’t talk like it, I don’t act like it, I don’t walk like it, and I don’t hang with people that do. I’m special.” –Linda Hobbs

Watch the video below: