Lil Boosie: “Jail is not Rehab”

A couple of hours before heading off to his four-year prison sentence, rapper Lil Boosie spoke to a Louisiana news station about why he feels he doesn’t deserve jail time.

In November, Boosie (born Torrence Hatch) was found to have violated his probation more than once, after being convicted on drug and gun charges in September. It was the 26-year-old rapper’s third offense for marijuana possession. Boosie was given an ankle bracelet, which revealed he consistently violated his house arrest.

Boosie, who originally received a 10-year sentence before violating his probation, sat down with Louisiana news station WAFB to explain why he feels he didn’t deserve the four years to which he was recently sentenced.

“If I made a mistake with marijuana, why am I not eligible for rehab? I’ve been on marijuana since a teenager. I need some rehab. Jail is not rehab,” he said.

Boosie claims he violated his probation to do shows because promoters sued him and he feared going bankrupt.

“I had to go do these two shows these last two days to feed my family,” Boosie, who has seven kids and an eighth one on the way, said.

“They’re treating me on who they think I am,” he said regarding law enforcement. “They judging me on Boosie Bad Azz, not Torrence Hatch.”

According to WAFB, besides marijuana, Boosie’s list of criminal offenses includes weapons charges, resisting an officer and aggravated battery.

“I blame it on myself,” he said. “Because things I did I wanted to do. Trouble is easy to get into, but it’s hard to get out.” –Linda Hobbs

Photo Credit: Getty Images