Lil Kim Accused of Flaking on Overseas Appearances

Lil Kim is being accused of missing several overseas gigs, even after pocketing a $20,000 fee promoters paid up front.

According to TMZ, the rapper was paid her fee for six appearances in London between Nov. 7 and Nov. 14 by a company called Abstrakt Visions, but never showed.

The company told the site that Kim said she suffered a nosebleed in her hotel room the night before the first gig, and then called the next day to say she’s headed back to the States.

While Kim’s camp confirms the nosebleed for the first night, they claim that she left London because “the promoters had poor planning skills and never even gave her a schedule,” reports TMZ.

What about the $20,000? Well, her camp says they kept it and used it for traveling expenses.

Abstrakt Visions plans to sue the rapper and former Dancing With the Stars contestant.

Photo Credit: Getty Images