Lil Kim’s Camp Responds To Claims of Flaking On London Shows

Last week, a company called Abstrakt Visions claimed they paid $20,000 upfront to Lil Kim for six London appearances but, the rapper flaked, pocketed the money, and headed home.

Kim’s camp said she suffered a nosebleed that kept her from showing for the first show, but was never given the schedule for the following events.

The company says they plan to sue Kim for breach of contract.

Now, a rep for the rapper has released a statement, claiming Kim never received any payment from Abstrakt, nor did she sign a contract with them to perform anywhere.

“We do not have a contract with Abstrakt Visions Entertainment and never received any money from them,” the rep said in a statement. “Abstrakt Visions Entertainment is in the wrong for falsely promoting Lil Kim in London and will be dealt with accordingly. This matter is in the hands of our legal team.”

Kim’s management did confirm that some sort of arrangement was made between the rapper and Abstrakt, but maintain that no money was paid.

They say her cancel came following poor planning skills and lack of a performance schedule.

Photo Credit: Getty Images