Marv Albert Denies 50 Cent Altercation At Jimmy Kimmel Live

A previous report that NBA announcer Marv Albert was roughed up by 50 Cent’s entourage last week was denied by sportscaster recently.

The Los Angeles Times first reported that that Albert was backstage at Jimmy Kimmel Live, where he was a guest. So was 50 Cent.

However, when he arrived, Albert ran into trouble with Fif’s security detail and got into some sort of altercation. An argument ensued and punches were even thrown, said initial reports.

Albert says this never happened, though. He told the Associated Press, the run-in wasn’t anywhere close to an exchange, saying the Internet embellished the rumors.

“I couldn’t even tell you what the guy looked like or the security guard looked like,” Albert said. “They embellish. It keeps getting embellished more than anything else. What do you say, it’s just wrong.”

While Marv said the whole ordeal will probably give a few laughs in the near future, right now, he’s just getting frustrated.

He says, right now, his family and friends have been reading accounts that are “completely made up.”

“I’m sure this will be funny to me in a couple of days,” he said. “It’s not funny to me now, obviously.”

Photo Credit: Getty Images