McDonalds Sponsors Celebrity DJ Battle

In two weeks, The McDonald’s Flavor Battle National DJ Competition will draw to a close, with celebrity DJs Spinderella, Bryan-Michael Cox and DJ Irie battling to be number one on the ones and twos.

The competition, which takes place online at McDonald’s, will give people the opportunity to vote for the DJ’s old-school, new-school and R&B mixes.

“I love the fact that they involve themselves in the community, and the fact that they’re showing us some sort of a spotlight on the DJ world is always good,” Salt-N-Pepa’s Spinderella tells VIBE of McDonalds efforts. “This battle is really, you know, three friends competing with each other.”

Miami’s own DJ Irie echoes her sentiment. “This is a great program; it’s groundbreaking for the company, for McDonald’s, I had to a part of it.”

Showing off their scratching skills, each DJ will represent a signature McDonald’s burger. The legendary Salt-N-Pepa DJ represents the Big Mac, songwriter and producer B. Cox represents the Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese, and Miami Heat jockey Irie represents the Angus Third Pounder.

Voters for the competition will be entered into the McDonald’s Flavor Battle sweepstakes for a prize package, including a trip to Atlanta for the Sprite Step Off National Finals in January.

For anyone thinking about getting behind the turntables, Cox offers a word of advice. “Number one: study the craft. Do your research… Buy yourself a computer, get as many songs as you can possibly can — legally– and start making a catalog of them.”

Spinderella chimes in: “A real DJ really goes back to the foundation. Learning who’s who. Who’s the forefathers. Respect those who laid it down.” -Caroline Acosta