Memphis Grizzles Waive Allen Iverson, is he Headed to the Knicks?

He played only three games this season with the Memphis Grizzles, but it looks like it just didn’t work out for Allen Iverson.

The team announced this week that they’ve waived the 10-time all-star, both sides agreeing to end a one-year contract Iverson inked with the team just before the start of the season.

While many contribute his role-playing position off the bench as the main contributing factor for his departure, it’s also rumored that he was butting heads with the team’s head coach, Lionel Hollins.

According to Yahoo! Sports, last week–while on the bus headed to the Staples Center to take on the Lakers–Iverson began ranting about his frustrations with playing for “dumb f***in’ coaches.”

He reportedly said that he had played for “one dumb f***in’ coach in Detroit a year ago, and now had come to play for another dumb f***in’ coach in Memphis.”

Iverson left the team indefinitely on Nov. 7, taking a leave of absence to deal with a personal issue. He had played just three games with Memphis, averaging 12.3 points and 22.3 minutes coming off the bench in each.

Now, it’s rumored that the 34-year-old NBA star may be headed to the New York Knicks, but nothing is guaranteed just yet. The team’s president told the New York Post on Tuesday (Nov. 17) that signing Iverson was still “a long shot” despite a media frenzy.

While Knicks head coach Mike D’Antoni praised Iverson’s skills, he too said a lot of things would have to be worked out to get him to New York.

“He’s been a force in this league for God knows how long,” D’Antoni told the paper. “I’m not taking anything away from him. At the same time, there’s a lot of organization stuff to talk about.

“I think it’s what Donnie suggested,” D’Antoni added. “We’ll look into it, see if it makes sense. If it does, the organization will do whatever it can do to make us better. He has unique ability.”