Outkast’s Big Boi Owes Over $55,000 In Taxes

Another hip-hop star is being called out by Uncle Sam. His name is Big Boi, of Outkast fame.

According to reports, the 34-year-old rapper owes more than $55,000 in unpaid taxes to the state of Louisiana, and they want their money.

The state filed a lien against Big Boi (real name: Antwan Patton), and his wife for $55,727 back in June in Fulton County Superior Court.

Big Boi has not commented on the situation.

Aside from tax problems, Big Boi has been hard at work on his long-delayed solo album, Sir Luscious Left Foot: The Son of Chico Dusty, which is expected to drop late this year.

However, there’s no official date as of press time.

“That’s me,” he said of the album’s title. “That’s the grown-man version of Big Boi. The Son of Chico Dusty, that just goes deeper into who I am. Chico Dusty actually is my father, who is a bad bad man. Very smart, but a bad bad man. At the same time, I’m in my father’s shoes, and I’m ready for whatever.”

Photo Credit: Getty Images