Paranormal Activity Puts You In The Credits

Mainstream successes often offer trite “thank yous” to the fans after grossing stacks in profits and filling up trophy cases.

Paranormal Activity, on the other hand, is showing fans their appreciation for helping the movie become the most profitable independent movie of all time by including fans names in the credits.

“The success of Paranormal Activity would not have been possible without the million-plus fans who went to the official website and demanded the movie in their home town,” says Amy Powell, Paramount Pictures Senior Vice President of Interactive Marketing. “They demanded the movie and they got it. So now we are giving them credit where credit is due.”

Fans can register a name on to appear in the DVD and Blu-Ray credits. The cutoff time to entry is Monday (Nov. 9) at 3 pm EST.

The DVD and Blu-Ray release date for Paranormal Activity has not yet been announced. –John Kennedy