Pretty Ricky Talks Making Bedroom Music

Besides explicit dance moves, one thing you can count on Pretty Ricky for is bedroom music. With their self-titled third album, which dropped on Tuesday (Nov. 17), the grind specialists hope to aid those ready to go half on a baby.

“I don’t even know what it’s gon’ do [sales wise] but we put the work in,” group member Baby Blue tells VIBE. “We been on the road since June going city to city seeing all the girls that we can see, talking to all the program directors, music directors, media, everybody. They loving it, they feeling like it’s the best album that we ever did.”

With songs like “Menage a Trois,” “Doggystyle,” “Lapdance” and the single “Tipsy in dis Club,” there’s clearly no room for subtlety. “This album is the official baby-making, love-making, fat-boy-breaking, draws-dropping, heart-stopping, have-a-baby-by-me-be-a-millionaire, put-me-on-child-support album of the year,” Blue describes. “When we went in the studio we made sure that the harmonies was thick, that you felt the texture, that you can hear everything when you listening to the track. The track is gon’ eat you up.”

So what’s the one song that will have the ladies going crazy? “All of ‘em,” Spectacular says. “Whatever song you listening to at the time, that’s the song that’s gon’ get you in the mood for the next song to get you more in the mood. So you better make sure when you listen to the CD [that] you vibin’ with somebody you like.” –Clover Hope

Photo Credit: Hannibal Matthews