Producer Drumma Boy Calls Jeezy, Gucci His ‘Fiends’


With a year of jail time on his agenda, Gucci Mane won’t be physically active in the rap game. But his buzz should sustain with the release of his second album, The State vs. Radric Davis, on Dec. 8. Atlanta producer Drumma Boy crafted several tracks for the disc, including the recent single, “My Own Worst Enemy,” which tackles Gucci’s past friction with Young Jeezy and T.I.

“He’s talking about a couple rappers that he’s had confrontations with and clarifying the messages out of his own mouth,” Drumma Boy tells VIBE. “I just made the beat and then he went in and did his thing. I did like four or five [songs] on the album and we definitely went in on it.”

One of those records includes an ode to the high life, “Kush is my Cologne,” featuring Bun B, Devin the Dude and E-40.

Drumma Boy describes studio time with Gucci as loose and lighthearted, much like the rapper himself. “Man, Gucci is just full of energy all the time in the studio. He’ll ask me what I’m feeling like and that always gets him started: ‘What you was thinking about when you made this beat?’

“Almost every verse that I done seen Gucci Mane spit, he’s always smiling after the verse,” adds Drumma. “He be in the booth just having fun with it and I think that’s the reason he’s so successful in his career right now.”

The producer also cooked up tracks for Gucci’s nemesis Jeezy’s upcoming sequel, Thug Motivation 103. “”It’s like this the dope game to us [producers], too. We serving the people,” explains Drumma. “Anybody who wants good music from me, I got it, from Jeezy to Gucci to Rick Ross and whoever – these are my fiends.”

Following the platinum success of The Recession, Jeezy will return to his motivational series with TM103. “I don’t know song titles but it’s definitely some joints that we been going in on,” says Drumma Boy. “I work in the studio with Gucci, but Jeezy I might just give him a beat CD and then he go and ride to it and then call me right when they’re putting the joints together. I didn’t even know I did ‘Put On’ until I heard it on the radio.” –Clover Hope