Sammy Sosa Explains Skin Bleaching

Skin abnormality or steroid side-effect? These were some of the questions circling former Chicago Cubs slugger Sammy Sosa, who arrived at the Latin Grammy Awards in Las Vegas last week looking several shades lighter than usual.

The new look brought some to question whether the naturally dark-complexioned Dominican was no longer comfortable in his own skin.

In an interview which aired yesterday (Nov. 10) during Univision’s Primer Impacto, Sosa stated that his new skin tone is a result of a facial cream he’s been using as a skin softener.

“I just want to clear this up here on Primer Impacto. I’m not a racist,” Sosa said. “I live a happy life. I want people to calm down and realize that I didn’t do any of this with mal intentions.”

As to the claims that he is looking to mimic the late Michael Jackson, Sosa said, “I respect him very much and may God keep him in his glory, but this is not the case with me.” He added in jest, “I’m truly shocked that this has gotten so big. This has resonated more than the actual [Latin] Grammys.”

Sosa refused to identify his European “miracle” cream due to future plans to merchandise the product. -Emmanuel UreƱa

Photo Credit: Getty Images