Spike Lee Adapting French Graphic Novel Into Movie

Film heavyweights Antoine Fuqua, Spike Lee and John Ridley are teaming up to adapt a French graphic novel into a motion picture.

Fuqua has been tapped to direct a film based around Miss: Better Living Through Crime. Reportedly, the movie will be written by Ridley, and produced by Lee. Though details of the project are yet to be disclosed, the film is under the newly formed Vigilante Entertainment, who is currently shopping for a studio to handle the project.

The book is based around crime partners in the 1920s, Nola and Slim. Nola is a white woman astute in illegitimate survival methods, and Slim is a black pimp. Both become killers for hire.

Recently, Lee and Ridley teamed up with another heavyweight, Robert De Niro, for the creation of a new Showtime series Alphaville. The series focuses on Manhattan’s Alphabet City in the 80s, an artistic enclave of Latinos and blacks, which became a hub for hip-hop and bedrock for crime. –Linda Hobbs