Timbaland Dumps Chris Brown

Chris Brown was cut from a Timbaland track off his upcoming solo album.

The singer was set to lend vocals on Timbaland’s “The One I Love,” but according to TMZ sources, Brown was cut from the song due to “drama” surrounding him following Chrianna.

Marcus Spence, Timbaland’s manager, says that the decision to drop Brown from the track came from Timbaland and Brown’s camp. According to Spence, it was a “creative decision for both parties…there’s nothing against Chris. We love Chris.” Both Brown and Timbaland’s albums are set to be released Dec. 8.

Currently, Brown is focused on staying out of “drama.” Yesterday the singer filed legal papers stating he had nothing to do with a scuffle earlier this year involving his bodyguards and a paparazzi photographer. The photographer, Robert Rosen, is seeking damages for assault and battery, intentional infliction of emotional distress negligence, and several other claims. Brown is requesting to not have anything to do with whatever amount of money Rosen might ask for, should he get a judgment. –Linda Hobbs