Tricky Stewart Predicts J. Lo’s “Louboutins” Will Be Big Hit


In case you didn’t catch her performance at last night’s American Music Awards, Jennifer Lopez is back–with some pretty expensive footwear.

Produced and written by Tricky Stewart and The-Dream, the recently released “Louboutins” is the first official single off the actress-turned-singer’s upcoming album, Love. The song is a metaphor for a woman walking out on a no-good man, with the red bottoms on the popular Christian Louboutin heels visible as she struts off.

Stewart has high hopes that the record-which finds Lopez showing no mercy, with lyrics like: “Boy, watch me walk it out / Walk this right up out the house”-will reach “Single Ladies”-type pandemonium.

“If the females get behind it and they really get into the lyrics of what she’s saying and the metaphor, I think it could be a really, really big hit for her,” Stewart tells VIBE. “Anytime you work with an artist whose platform is so high and she’s gonna get exposure, we’re just hoping there’s a connection with those lyrics coming from her.”

Even as it shows love for every celebrity’s must-have shoe, “Louboutins” is a female empowerment anthem at its core: “See, some days you would love me, then you don’t / Then you do, then you won’t / Then you’re here, then you’re gone / I’m alone, now you got me stressin’ out on the phone / But it’s the last time, I’m movin’ on / I’m throwin’ on my Louboutins.”

“That was Dream and I just getting in the room and clicking,” Stewart says of the song’s conception. “We were both on two different keyboards, two different drum machines and once again just got behind the mic and the rest is history.”

Before ending up in J. Lo’s hands (or feet?), the “Louboutins” track was originally meant for Brandy. “After she lost her deal [with Epic] we didn’t want the record to die,” Stewart says. “When [Jennifer] heard it, she loved it. She absolutely loved that record. And I love it, too. That’s one of my favorite records that we’ve done.”

The duo also produced a track on Love called “Villain,” which is about role reversals in a sour relationship. “The girl is talking about how a guy can alienate her,” Stewart says. “It’s almost like she’s the villain even though he’s the one that’s kinda doing the craziness. It’s a darker feel [but] it’s an upbeat song, too.”

Prior to “Louboutins,” Lopez released the Pitbull-assisted song “Fresh out the Oven” as her alter ego Lola. Tricky says his and Dream’s partner Kuk Harrell is handling much of the production for the rest of her album. “I heard him working on some of the vocals and she has a lot of really good songs, I will say that,” Stewart reveals. “The stuff I heard was really good, really strong.”

In addition to Lopez, Stewart is also working on Katy Perry’s new project. The two connected through executives at Capitol Records, and the pop star recently Tweeted about being in the studio with Stewart. “I think she’s really dope,” he says. “I’m just getting into the whole movement but everything from what I see she seems really serious about what she’s doing and really dedicated.” –Clover Hope

Photo Credit: Getty Images