Usher & Tameka Are Officially Divorced, Says Foster Rep

Usher Raymond and Tameka Foster’s divorce is now final, a rep for Foster tells VIBE.

Late last week, copies of the once-happy couple’s divorce settlement surfaced on the net. On Oct. 22, a court document was published on TMZ’s website falsely stating the couple were officially over then, but a source informed that Usher and Tameka–who got married in August 2007–were still married.

In an interview with People, Foster claims she found out about her divorce after friends called her quoting rumors online.

“It was rumored [on the Internet], so friends and family called, saying, ‘Are you okay?’ I didn’t really understand why,” Foster said. “But Usher and I weren’t really speaking then. He was away recording, and I was angry at other things going on. He filed two days later.”

Foster went on to say that Usher’s divorce-inspired song “Papers,” off his upcoming album Raymond vs. Raymond, was inappropriate.

“It’s entertainment,” she said. “People shouldn’t take it literally. [But] given what we’re going through, it’s in poor taste.” -Linda Hobbs