V Style: FUBU is Back!


It’s hard to think of ’90s street fashion without thinking of FUBU. The “For Us By Us” line was one of the most iconic in a decade that defined hip-hop and aligned itself with some of the day’s biggest names, from LL Cool J to Ludacris.

FUBU left the US for greener pastures over in Europe and Asia five years ago, but founder and CEO Daymond John is angling for a stateside comeback in the spring.

“Kids have a three-year memory span, so most don’t have a sense of the brand’s roots,” John said. “I think FUBU to the kids is kind of an American brand.

According to John, the revamped collection won’t be those same 05 Jerseys, but “Carhartt-meets-Abercrombie & Fitch style.”

“In apparel, [brands] tend to have a life cycle of three to five years and then need to be reinvented or taken to the next level,” John said. –Adrien Field