V Style: Prepare For Battle

Combat boots are having a moment right now. If you could look past Chris Brown’s spandex on his Graffiti album cover, you might have noticed that the VIBE cover star was sporting a space age pair. They were also the footwear of choice during the American Music Awards with Pete Wentz and each Black Eyed Pea minus Fergie walking the red carpet in a pair.

That said, you don’t have to be marching off to battle or onto a step-and-repeat to tie on a pair. Lace them up with jeans or leave them open like you might a pair of Timberlands for a bad ass style that’s more Matrix than mall rat. Throw on a bomber jacket to complete the look. For an extra style kick, go for a pair like these Ann Demeulemeesters that also have buckled straps on top of laces.

(Ann Demeulemeester, $1,087)