V Style: The Scent of Victory

When Derek Jeter isn’t hitting home runs or helping the Yankees win the World Series, he’s creating some of the world’s best selling colognes. After the success of Driven, Jeter once again partnered with Avon to create a sportier take on the brand’s number one selling men’s scent.

Derek Jeter Driven Sport is the third fragrance in the Driven line, which is inspired by all the things that drive Derek, on and off the field. “Driven Sport evokes passion, drive, and energy. It is the excitement and hard work that leads to a win,” the Yankees shortstop explained.

This latest cologne has a fresh woodsy scent anchored by notes of cedar wood, sheer musk and sandalwood that gives way to a robust aromatic heart. The bottom line? The stuff smells pretty good for a fragrance inspired by a bunch of sweaty men. –Adrien Field

(Avon, $22.50)