V Style: Sneakers With the Furrr

It takes three to make a trend official. First there were those Nike Halloween Air Force Ones made from Snuffleupagus hide, then the cow skin Vans slip-ons, now Adidas has introduced their latest in the Rod Laver line, which includes this horse hair addition. It’s hard to get behind kicks that make your feet look like Eeyore’s hooves, but if you’re planning on rocking fur shoes, there are a couple things to know besides what Flo Rida can teach you about pairing them with Apple Bottom jeans.

First, you better be able to run in the shoes. Forget the fashion police, you’ll be ducking PETA. Next, you might want to steer clear of Dick Cheney, especially during hunting season.

If that’s too much to handle, the less hirsute pairs in the collection might be more your speed. –Adrien Field


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