V Style: Swatch Rolls Out the Red Carpet

If you thought Swatch was just a relic from the 80’s to be buried with old Atari sets and neon shoes, you haven’t experienced the Swiss watch company’s recent revival.

At an event celebrating the official reopening of the brand’s Times Square flagship on Thursday (Nov. 12th), Swatch rolled out the latest additions to the line’s “Full-Blooded” collection with a little help from stars including Estelle, Kelly Osbourne, and Michelle Trachtenberg.

The Full-Blooded gold watch with Swarovski crystal insets was initially inspired by a custom piece produced for Shaquille O’Neal but is now available in as many color variations as Dennis Rodman’s hair. The most recent edition features an all-white body, which is currently only available at the Times Square store until Dec. 1 when it can be purchased online.

Swatch’s worldwide President, Madame Emch, was among those toasting the brand’s resurgence. “Our goal is to make Swatch the ‘it’ brand it was in the 80’s,” she told VIBE.

But does a watch even matter in the days of Blackberries and iPhones? “Having a watch is the natural way to look at time–show me your watch and I’ll tell you who you are.” So what does wearing a Swatch say about its wearer? “It shows that they know that it’s not only when something is expensive does it have value.” –Adrien Field

(Swatch, $165)