3 Cool Points About… Avatar

A planet called Pandora. James Cameron. 3-D. Still not convinced sci-fi flick Avatar is worth its reported $240 million-plus production cost? Laz Alonso [or Tsu’Tey] reveals reasons to throw on those cheesy specs.


There’s an alien-human love triangle.

I play Zoe Saldana’s [Neytiri’s] love interest. We’re promised to each other. We’re supposed to get married. We are the next leaders of our kind. And Sam Worthington’s character [Jake Sully] comes in and creates a ruffle in the feathers of what we know to be normal in our lives.

The Graphics Are Far From Jaws 3

It’s a type of technology that hasn’t been seen before in any animated world. It actually mimics real life down to a grain of hair or pores on skin. You can even see hair strands and strays in Zoe’s cornrows that are imperfections that before technology just didn’t capture. That’s the kind of stuff that tricks the eye to the extent that you start believing what you’re seeing. It’s gonna take your brain somewhere it hasn’t been before.

The epic war scene trumps The Lord of the Rings

In this battle scene, you’re gonna be jumping out your seat wanting to throw some rocks and some arrows and bows up in this piece! You’re gonna see more than blood. You’re gonna see a full on galactic battle mixed with human pain and emotion. When you take a battle and you throw some emotion behind it, it’s a different story. You’re no longer just watching some killing. You’re watching life. –As told to Brad Wete